Imagine how big a fly has to be to need a swatter like this! Coming up with new ideas for your characters is just like that! Imagining creatures or just simply asking “What if?” I enjoy putting my characters in challenging situations and it’s even more fun when I can imagine something completely new! Tell […]

A New Year!

“And so we’re here, another New Year, where hope shines anew…” What an exciting year was 2023! I published two books and was interviewed with my sister Merry, also an author, on the Planter’s Knowledge Podcast hosted by Dr. Kathleen E. Walls. @askdrwalls525 My monthly newsletter, Annie’s Author Page debuted in October 2023, and I […]

Reading up on the horrific!

When not writing, I like to read my favorite authors. Currently, I’ve got my nose in “The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel” by K.T. Rose. I never used to be into gruesome and horrific stories. Yet over the last few years, my interests have changed into the weirdly odd and dreadful. Learning from such authors as […]

10 Best On-line Casinos For Real Cash In 2024 Up-to-date

10 Best On-line Casinos For Real Cash In 2024 Up-to-date” When Is The Best Time For You To Play Slot Machines In A Casino? Content Best Casino Bonuses When Jackpots Will Be Hot More Games Trust Some Other Slots Players In Addition To Read Slot & Casino Reviews Step 2: Deposit Money Into Your Account […]