Engage with Affection, Obsession, and Ardor
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The Alien Series
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A Blind Eye - Futuristic Fantasy
A Seeker named Isa is about to embark…
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A.H. Zamparelli: A Glimpse into Her Life

Annie, also known as A.H. Zamparelli, resides in the diverse state of New Jersey, U.S., sharing her life with her supportive spouse, Rick. When not engaged in the creative process of writing, she immerses herself in the thrilling world of murder mysteries and enlightening historical biographies.

The Artistic Side of Annie

A woman of many talents, Annie doesn’t just limit herself to the world of words. She occasionally dips her toes in the pool of sketching, having contributed her artistic skills to a children’s tale, a thoughtful gift for her beloved nephew’s babies.

Did you know…

Three Short Stories of Passion and Obsession, Accompanied by A Verse of Infinite Consequences

As the clock ticks down to her transformation, Alana must persuade her husband, Michael, of the impending change and his integral role in her metamorphosis. However, things take a dire turn! Alana’s clumsy efforts at establishing a blissful connection repel and horrify Michael, rendering the transition a perilous gamble for them both. Initially debuted in The Thieving Magpie, Issue 16.

The Darkness Within - An Other-Worldly Series

No Escape

Hidden within the walls of a darkened cave, something sinister lurks on the other side of the jagged rocks. Members of Lisa and Daniel’s hiking group have become…something else! With a young boy, Vincent, in tow, it’s up to Lisa and Daniel to save them all from the same fate.

With time running short and their lives at stake, will they have any chance of escape?

Anniversary Dinner

Normally reclusive and withdrawn from societal rituals, Lawrence was hesitant to attend the anniversary dinner of his neighbors Tom and Janice Weston. However, they’d been so kind to him since their move next door and insisted that dinner would not be the same without him.

A Blind Eye

Embark on a journey through time and space in this futuristic fantasy with Isa, a Seeker whose mission is to capture extraterrestrial beings who escaped to Earth from the distant planet Syllus.

In an unexpected turn of events, Isa apprehends Madeline Laurel Donnelly, a human, only to find herself inadvertently responsible for her young eight-year-old daughter, Cassy.

Unbeknownst to Isa, Cassy plays a pivotal role in unraveling the enigmatic truth about the Syllusians and the allies she relies upon in her own world.

Prepare for this intriguing expedition, set to be revealed in Fall 2024.


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